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Mark Kerwin – CPGA Instructor

'As we look at the golf swing we look at many different elements that cause us to hit good shots versus bad shots. Whether you are a scratch golfer or a weekend warrior we can always use a reminder of the basic fundamentals of the golf swing. As an instructor, I understand that everyone learns differently, and at a different pace. My objective is to personalize each lesson in order to teach all students according to their learning style and allow them to learn and progress using these fundamentals: grip, stance, posture, and alignment. If we as instructors work with our students to enjoy the game we will be able to grow the game of golf.'
Sterling Emery – CPGA Instructor

Sterling started playing golf at the age of 11, growing up in a small town he played all sports, but excelled in golf. He accomplished a lot as a junior, playing in Provincial championships as well as a National championship when he was 17 and even competed overseas in Scotland and Australia for team Canada. At the age of 23, Sterling decided to pursue his passion for golf by attending Georgian College’s Professional Golf Management program. After his final year he successfully played in and joined the Canadian Professional Golf Association. Having fallen in love with Rocky Crest after his first season he knew there was no better place to be. Sterling enjoys teaching the game of golf and seeing his students fall in love with the game like he has, and that no matter what level of golfer you are having fun is #1 while learning and playing!

Cole Kelly – CPGA Instructor

'In my mind the game of golf is one of the most unique and personalised sports I have ever had the privilege of playing. With this amazing sport being extremely unique I believe every student to also be as unique, and learning differently at their own pace. As an instructor my goal for every individual is to enjoy and learn this wonderful game in a positive and relaxing atmosphere, to best develop a true understanding of the golf swing. With learning the fundamentals of the swing and gaining the knowledge assessed in each lesson this will give the opportunity for the student to see their own mistakes and diagnose the issues to truly understand themselves and their game. This will allow students to practise effectively on their own on either the driving range or the golf course staring down the toughest shot they have ever been faced with.'

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Hamer Bay Road RR#1 MacTier, ON, P0C 1H0, Canada T 705-375-4688 F 705-375-4690