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 Mark Kerwin – PGA of Canada

'As we look at the golf swing we look at many different elements that cause us to hit good shots versus bad shots. Whether you are a scratch golfer or a weekend warrior we can always use a reminder of the fundamentals of the golf swing.

As an instructor, I understand that everyone learns differently, and at a different pace. My objective is to personalize each lesson to teach all students according to their learning style and allow them to learn and progress using these fundamentals: grip, stance, posture, and alignment. If we as instructors work with our students to enjoy the game we will be able to grow the game of golf.'


Robbie Oliver    PGA of Canada

No two golf swings are the same, we all have different body types, and limitations. However what they have in common are basic fundamentals at the address position, and at the impact position. We all want to get better in some capacity, whether it is beating your friends in your weekly game, shooting your best score, lowering the handicap, or even playing competitively. A program can be customized for you, we will assess your golf goals and work out a plan on how we will achieve those goals.

After basic knowledge of the setup, and impact positions, the fun begins. Lessons will include video feedback, lesson, and training aids catered to the goals we want to achieve. Not only do I make your golf swing and game better, I also attack the mental side of golf which let’s be honest is the most important. I bring a new outlook, and teaching philosophy of how can we make you better than yesterday? Last but certainly not least PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT.

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Hamer Bay Road RR#1 MacTier, ON, P0C 1H0, Canada T 705-375-4688 F 705-375-4690