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Meetings & Conferences


As a meeting planner, you pour everything into your work. When you plan a meeting, it's not just a meeting, it's your meeting. It's why you want it to be more than efficient and productive; you want it to be unique and refreshing. So we've been busy doing some thinking of our own. We think you're going to be very pleased the next time you call us. But we think you'll also get a different feeling, the kind we can promise to deliver time after time. Because when you put as much of yourself into your work as you do, you deserve partners who are prepared to do the same.

What do you get when you team up a corporate meeting planner with our meeting planners? In a word, success. Our certified meeting planners help you develop and execute creative and highly effective ideas for a conference or corporate retreat.

Want to stage your own company’s version of the Amazing Race or the Iron Chef? No problem. We’ll work with you to design team-building activities and conference themes. And you can leave all the logistics in our capable hands. Our extensive experience is backed by a large network of meeting suppliers.

To plan your next meeting, call Laura Murney at 1-866-323-3305 or email